Team Greyhound Board Application

Team Greyhound hold elections each December.  During that election we will select new Board Members and Officers.  Board Members serve a term of three years and Officers a term of one year.


To be considered for a position on our Board of Directors, please complete then submit the application below.  

Name at least two TGAO members who know you. Also provide their phone number and/or email address.
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Board of Directors:  Roles & Responsibilities

This letter is intended to outline the expectations for involvement for and participation by members of the Board of Directors of Team Greyhound Adoption of Ohio (TGAO).  Each prospective or current leader should seriously consider these expectations when agreeing to accept or renew a position as a member of the Board of Directors.

By serving on the Board of Directors, each member accepts a leadership role in TGAO and agrees to work with staff, Directors and other volunteers to provide for the welfare of the organization and the community it serves.

Serving on the Board of Directors can be a source of great personal satisfaction.  Acceptance of this position indicates that the community we serve has invested its trust in your desire and ability to serve.  Acceptance also demonstrates your investment in securing the continuing success, well being and strength of TGAO.

Qualities of a Director and Make-up of the Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is the policy setting body of the organization.  As such, it carries fiscal and programmatic obligations to the agency’s funders.  Members of the Board are, therefore, leaders, decision-makers and “doers and shakers”.  They are chosen to represent the community-at-large and are selected because of known skills, experience and/or interests.  Members represent TGAO to the public.

A Director must be honest, have integrity and a genuine sense of compassion for retired racing greyhounds.  The Board of Directors should be well-balanced and diverse in areas of expertise, interests, age, gender, ethnicity/race and geographic location.  Directors should be willing to give of their time to benefit the organization.

The Role of the Board

  • Commitment to purpose of the Foundation — Information/Referral, Education, Direct Service, and Advocacy.
  • Participation in Foundation and Board of Directors activities
  • Leadership, decision-making, information and experience sharing
  • Resource development, be that fiscal or programmatic.
  • Advocacy for TGAO and its constituents

Roles and Responsibility of Individual Board Members

A written job description with specific roles and responsibilities is provided to all board members clearly identifying what is expected of them.


General Board Involvement

  • Be strongly committed to the mission and goals of the organization
  • Promote community interest in the organization’s programs
  • Become knowledgeable about the programs, policies and activities of the organization
  • Make expertise available to staff, when appropriate
  • Identify and attract new Board members

Board and Committee Meetings

  • Attended regularly scheduled quarterly Board meetings
  • Attended any Special Sessions, Board Retreats and other programs as decided by the Board
  • Participate actively on at least one committee
  • Participate in all discussions at Board and Committee meetings honestly and freely
  • Be respectful and thoughtful in the presentation of opinions, consider the points of view of other members and support the final decision of the Board

Involvement in Activities of the Organization

  • Attend the Foundation’s activities and represent the Board at these events
  • Attend a variety of Foundation events in order to foster visibility and familiarity with the community we serve

Financial Responsibilities

  • Assume personal responsibility for helping to develop adequate funding to support the organization’s program and fiscal needs
  • Invite others to give and participate in fundraising events
  • Be involved with, promote and financially support fundraising events