Everyone loves Greyhounds.  Well, if you don’t, you are in the wrong place!

As you most likely already know, Team Greyhound Adoption of Ohio is all about the Greyhounds.  We bring them into Ohio after they have retired then we prepare them for life in the world using our Prison Program to then be adopted into loving homes.  Many people are repeat adopters while many are just now learning about this amazing breed and how wonderful they are as pets.

If you have been browsing our dogs you might find yourself having a difficult time remembering their names and you might not be able to keep track of your favorites.  We have the solution for you!

We have recently added a “Favorite” button to each dog’s page.  Click on it and the Greyhound will be added to your own personalized list of favorites. You can then review your list, click on a dog’s name and be returned to his or her page.  Change you mind?  No problem.  Simply return to the dog’s page then click the same button and the dog will be removed from your list.

Easy peasy.

Here’s something else:  When you are ready to adopt, you will need to complete an adoption application on our website.  While doing so, we always want to know if there are any particular dogs in which you are interested.  Back in ancient times, you’d have to keep track by chiseling out the dog’s name in stone. Okay, so maybe you used pen paper. Regardless, we’ve taken steps to make that part of the process much more simple.

When you come to the section of the application that asks for the dogs in which you are interested, click the “Add from favorites” link then in an instance up to the top 6 of your previously Favorited dogs will be populated into the application.

Please note that this feature may rely on cookies to be set in your browser.  Clearing your browsers history or resetting cookies may clear your favorite dogs list.

If you have ideas for other features to make our website and your adoption experience better, please send us a message using our contact us page.