It has been busy here at Team Greyhound and we have a few things happening that you may want to know about.

2016 Team Greyhound Annual Picnic

The Team Greyhound annual picnic is coming up in just over a week!  October 2nd is the date and we are all very excited.  If you have not already done so, SECURE YOUR TICKETS NOW.  You can do this by visiting the event page here.  Tickets are just $5 for adults.  Greyhounds and children are free.  This includes food and helps cover incidental expenses.  We will be having fun, enjoying the hounds and doing some raffle stuff.  An item up for raffle this year is an amazing afghan hand made just for us!  Here’s a picture you can click to see a larger view:


2017 Team Greyhound Calendar

The 2017 Team Greyhound Calendar has been ordered.  We hope they will arrive by the picnic.  It was a lot of work to get things together but we are very exited and hope you are, too.  Because of the limited nature of this calendar, we have already received a bunch of pre-orders from those who want to be sure to get one.  Even though the special pre-order pricing is over, you can still order one today so you’ll get one when they arrive.

We aren’t planning on doing any reprints, so get it sooner than later before they run out.  The website will keep track of how many are available so unfortunately when the website reports “Out of Stock” they are all gone. Click on this image to order right away.


2016 Dublin Pet Fair

We will be at the Dublin Pet Fair again this year.  The fair is on Sunday September 25th at the Coffman Park Pavilion (also know as the outdoor skate rink) locate at 5200 Emerald Pkwy in Dublin.  Because we cannot do these events without volunteers, we need your help.  Sign up to volunteer at this year’s fair by clicking here.

As a result of your contribution of time, more people will be aware of how wonderful these dogs are as pets.  We have found loving homes for 1800 Greyhounds and will not be stopping these efforts any time soon!


14 New Dogs!

As most of you may already know, we recently got 14 new dogs in from Alabama.  This new arrival was covered by Tara Morgan of ABC 6 [VIDEO].  We’ll have the new dogs up on the website perhaps next week so you can see all of their wonderful faces.  Each one of them are truly awesome and loved by each and every one of us.

Read the story here and have a sneak peek at some of the dogs..


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