Unfortunately, many people do not pick up after their dogs.  Dog parks and other grassy areas around the neighborhood can be scattered with Feces Land Mines.

If not picking up after an average sized greyhound for an entire year, that would equate to nearly 250 square feet of poop. That’s a lot of poop and as you no doubt know, there is no lack of dogs in the world.

Picking up after a dog is very important.  When other dogs come in close contact with the waste, they may lick it or in certain circumstances eat it.  Yes, it’s gross.

Here are a few major reasons why it is important that everyone pick up after their dogs:

  1. Disease Control
    Dog waste is a significant health risk to dogs. Many common diseases are transferred from dog to dog through feces. A few are The Parvo Virus, Whipworms, Hookworm, Roundworm, Giardia and Coccidia. These types of diseases cause many health problems including diarrhea and in some cases even death.
  2. Fly Control
    Flies will consume and lay eggs in feces. These same flies may then come into your home and then spread disease when they land on surfaces such as counter-tops and food.
  3. It’s just Gross
    Nobody likes stepping in it. There is simply no excuse for not picking up after a dog. It is what responsible pet owners do. Doing so maintains an enjoyable environment for everyone.