Valiant Gabriel “Gabe”

08/08/2001 - 11/18/2014

There will never be another grey as special as you, my Angel Gabriel.

Valiant Gabriel 8/8/01 – 11/18/14

My sweet boy Gabe, truly an ambassador for Retired Racing Greyhound Adoption!

You convinced many many people that retired racing greyhounds made awesome pets. There will never be another grey as special as you, my Angel Gabriel.You were one in a million! Always putting other’s needs ahead of yours, you brought happiness to all! Your gentle, loving personality melted even the most stubborn hearts. You helped me enjoy the best of times, and you were my strength that helped me through tough times. Your girls will miss their big brother. They could always count on you to tell them everything would be ok, and keep them safe. You were their protector, and they loved you very much.
My world was turned upside down and my heart shattered, when I heard you yelp and saw you holding up your left rear leg. Unbeknownst to me, bone cancer had weakened your hock and the simple movement you made to trot back to the house broke it. You were brave as always, until the end, never showing what pain you were experiencing.

Now you are running pain free at the Rainbow Bridge, happy to be back with your soul mate Sarita and best friend Tillie.

Run free my sweet Angel Gabriel. I miss you and will love you forever! Looking forward to the time we will be together again.

More about Valiant Gabriel “Gabe”

Date of Birth:
August 8, 2001
Date of Death:
November 18, 2014
13 years 3 months
72 pounds
White and Brindle

Photos of Valiant Gabriel “Gabe”

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