TP Baver “Bowser” (Adopted)

Meet TP Baver “Bowser”! He is a Brindle Male and is 7 years 1 month old. He has been adopted!

He'll give you some wet nose kisses.

This smart guy has it all — great looks, highly affectionate, and is very treat motivated! Bowser is described by his foster family as intelligent, playful, and a fast learner. He loves to show off his sit, down, leave-it, and shake-a-paw tricks. Bowser has nearly perfect on-leash manners including heel. Cats and small animals are also a big source of interest for Bowser; after all, what dog wouldn’t want to chase these strange little things that fly, hop, and zip across his path during walks.

He loves getting human attention and would do great as an only dog or with other greyhounds. This gorgeous boy is very comfortable in his crate, especially if you add a Kong filled with peanut butter and kibble. He love his toys in addition to his humans, and will even pick up his toys to keep them near his dog bed. Typically, he enjoys two walks a day — both of which are followed by some very serious napping. In addition, Bowser enjoys a few laps around a fenced yard at great speed, which is enjoyable to watch.

More about TP Baver “Bowser”

Date of Birth:
March 26, 2011
7 years 1 month
Trained At:
Ohio Reformatory for Women
78 pounds
Current Location:
Prey Drive:
5 (Unsafe - goes in to a stalking mode; fixated on cat and cannot be distracted; usually unsafe for small dogs as well)

Photos of TP Baver “Bowser”

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