Tony Champion “Chief” (Adopted)

Meet Tony Champion “Chief”! He is a Brindle Male and is 6 years 4 months old. He has been adopted!

Tony is a stunning dark brindle.  He is quite active, loves to play and immediately tunes in with curiosity to sights & sounds.  He is too interested in cats and other small animals (including small dogs) to live in the same household.  Tony does socialize well with other Greyhounds and dogs around his size or larger.

Tony will do well in a home with just one or several people including responsible children.  A fenced yard would be a real treat for him but he does quite well on a leash.  He can be vocal at times.  He’s not, however, a chronic barker.

This dog is eager to please and will likely accommodate well to your lifestyle.  He understands bedtime and sleeps quietly all night on his bed.  He does not like slick floors.  He’s learning that there’s nothing to fear.  This will take time and patience.

His two favorites things are those that squeak and those he can eat.

As with most large breed dogs, he should be fed on a schedule as opposed to being free fed. Read more about that here.

More about Tony Champion “Chief”

Date of Birth:
October 29, 2011
6 years 4 months
Trained At:
North Central Correctional Complex
75 pounds
Current Location:
Prey Drive:
5 (Unsafe - goes in to a stalking mode; fixated on cat and cannot be distracted; usually unsafe for small dogs as well)

Photos of Tony Champion “Chief”

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