RWC Sour Grape “Gracie” (Adopted)

Meet RWC Sour Grape “Gracie”! She is a White and Brindle Female and is 6 years 4 months old. She has been adopted!

Adoption pending


She is a white and brindle female.  She is interested and curious around cats.  So far her cat safeness has been undetermined.  She is very active, playful, friendly, and outgoing.  She has no seperation anxiety and no signs of any space aggression or sleep startle.  She is god around other dogs and people.  She crates very well.  She is still learning leash manors.  She is sisters with RWC Sour Cream.

More about RWC Sour Grape “Gracie”

Date of Birth:
November 12, 2011
6 years 4 months
Trained At:
Ohio Reformatory for Women
65 pounds
White and Brindle
Current Location:
West Viginia
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