RFK Felicia “Sadie” (Adopted)

Meet RFK Felicia “Sadie”! She is a Brindle Female and is 4 years 9 months old. She has been adopted!

Rub her ears and belly and she's a friend for life.

Hi, My name is Felciai. I’m a 3- year old full of energy, and can be a total Diva! I get along well with other dogs, love my squeaky toys, and love to eat! I also love staring at myself in the bathroom mirror, and making my bed before bedtime. My bed must be fluffy, my nap space be cool and quiet, and my treats be endless after walks. I take it to the next level with being adorable, and will do anything to soak up your attention! I’m great with kids, and love hugs and kisses.

My foster parents have tons of toys, so I am always entertained, and my favorite treats are rawhide and bacon. I have a sensitive stomach, so the basics are plenty for me. I am potty and kennel trained, and do well with long morning and evening walks. My muzzle never bothers me, and I am always eager to help my owners put it on when it is time to go outside.

I understand sit, down, gentle, back up, let’s eat, other dog first, and so many more commands! I picked up my other housemates names quite quickly. I am learning to share with other dogs, but when it is dinner time, I like to have my own quiet space away from people and other animals. I am very gentle with senior dogs, and know when they are tired and don’t want to play anymore.

Most of the time, I am a total couch potato, so a big comfy place to lay down is definitely a must! I even adopted my own pillow from my foster parent’s bed that I snuggle with in my kennel. I’m not one to have accidents in the house, but when it’s time to potty outside, a firm reminder to keep me focused from the birds, squirrels and bees is necessary. I’m a total Diva when I don’t get my way, so a strong daily routine, firm discipline, and lots of love is important.

More about RFK Felicia “Sadie”

Date of Birth:
May 25, 2013
4 years 9 months
Trained At:
Ohio Reformatory for Women
Current Location:
Prey Drive:
6 - Not yet cat-tested

Photos of RFK Felicia “Sadie”

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