PMB Smacking “Smack” (Adopted)

Meet PMB Smacking “Smack”! She is a Red Fawn Female and is 7 years 7 months old. She has been adopted!

We have been fostering ‘Maggie’ in our home for a week now (we weren’t too crazy about calling her Smack, but she responds well to ‘Mag/Mags’ just the same). She is an absolute sweetheart and makes a wonderful companion. She will follow you around the house while you go about your daily routine, and is excited to greet you at the door when you get home. She is very well trained, understands how to sit and lie down, and is pretty quick at learning new commands. She is content to sleep in her crate or on a dog bed, so when it’s time for her to stay out of the way, she can easily find a spot and wait patiently or take a nap. In fact, she loves it when her owners sit still somewhere and read a book so she can rest and snuggle close by. So far she has been great with children and other large dogs, and does not take much time at all to warm up to new friends. Inside, she is well-behaved, takes up very little space and never makes a sound. Outside, she is very easy to walk, never pulls on the lead, and keeps pace to stay right beside you. When given the opportunity to run, she prefers to stay beside rather than dart out ahead, and listens attentively when you give a command to stop. She is readily adapting to this new home environment (she knows all about stairs, carpet & hardwood floors, and sliding glass doors), and would very easily transition to her new forever home.


Female Red Fawn She is a shy girl. She has a cowlick down her neck. She is a very cute girl. She is a little reserved and seems a little more laid back. She likes to play with her toys and she likes her cage.

More about PMB Smacking “Smack”

Date of Birth:
August 6, 2010
7 years 7 months
Trained At:
Ohio Reformatory for Women
70 pounds
Red Fawn
Current Location:
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