Naughty Tonya “Daphne”

03/18/2005 - 11/04/2017

When we adopted Daphne, we chose her because she was the shiest greyhound and she had a beautiful brindle coat. When we first brought her home, she wouldn’t let me pat her because she was only used to women. However, over the course of the first week, she got used to me but was always a little less forward with male visitors. Daphne loved our other dog Phoebe and they provided companionship for each other throughout their lives. Daphne enjoyed trips to the ocean, hiking at High Banks park and most of all lying in her chair overlooking the yard and keeping watch over the squirrels and occasional groundhog. She was wonderfully trained by Team Greyhound and walked beautifully (compared to her sister who pulled constantly) and never forgot how to sit, shake and lay down. 

Daphne had an interesting habit of collecting pillows. She had a bed by the front windows of our house and when we would come home she had invariably collected 5-6 pillows from our sofas and gingerly carried them to her bed. Where she would be lying on some and resting her head on others. Once in a while, she’d try to make a move on a pillow while we were home and we’d see her slinking across the dining room with just the corner of the pillow carried softly in her mouth. She never chewed them up or tore stuffing out of them, but she was just an avid collector of pillows and other soft toys. She was good at catching various toys if you tossed them to her. She would dip down deep into her playing bow and wait for the toss and then leap up and grab the toy out of the air.

Daphne’s striking appearance always drew attention from strangers when we were out and about, but because she was so nervous and shy she would try her best to “hide” behind our legs whenever people or dogs approached. Luckily, Phoebe was always happy to accept attention from Daphne’s would-be suitors while Daphne was “hiding.” 

Daphne always struck me as a dog who probably endured enough stress in the first part of her life that she just preferred a quiet and relaxing life in an environment she knew well and with a family who loved her very much. We’ll always be grateful to Team Greyhound for helping to bring Daphne into our lives. I hope we’ll see her again someday. Until we get there, I’m sure she’ll occupy herself by quietly moving all of the pillows around in heaven.

More about Naughty Tonya “Daphne”

Date of Birth:
March 18, 2005
Date of Death:
November 4, 2017
12 years 7 months

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