Mighty Mac “Mac” (Adopted)

Meet Mighty Mac “Mac”! He is a Brindle Male and is 11 years 6 months old. He has been adopted!

They call me Mighty Mac. I am not all that big and mighty, but my ears sure are. My foster mom tells me they are the perfect size – they make it easy to give me ear scritches. I reward her by groaning as loud as I can whenever she rubs my ears. I also love to have that special spot right above the tail scratched.

I am told I just had my 8th birthday, but that’s strange because I feel like a puppy and love to play.
When I play with a toy, I don’t like to toss the toy before I pounce on it. I like to jump straight up in the air, and then toss the toy before I land. When I land, I pounce on the toy and shake it and squeak it and then jump right back up into the air. This makes my foster mom laugh which makes me very happy. Sometimes my foster sister chases me and sometimes I get to chase her. But she is a bad girl and will jump on the furniture. I am better than that and know that dogs shouldn’t get up on the furniture.

I like to bark at the squirrels outside. They just torment me by sitting on the fence and fluffing their tails. I also bark to let my foster mom know if someone has come to visit.

My foster mom says she needs the computer back so she can give you all my details. I guess I will go play with the squeaky pig…..

From Mac’s foster mom:

Mac is a delightful boy, on the small side for a male greyhound. He has the most fantastic ears and expressive face. He knows his commands well, but like most greyhounds, performs them only when it suits him or when there is a treat involved. He has excellent manners in the house.

Normally I live alone with my own greyhound, a female. When Mac first arrived at my house a few weeks ago, my niece was staying here to recover from some surgery. Her two Huskies were staying here as well. Mac got along just fine with them. He played with them when they wanted but also learned to stay away from them at other times. The Huskies never figured out that greyhounds play differently. They couldn’t understand why the greyhounds didn’t want to wrestle and play bitey face. But even when they tackled Mac, he never responded negatively. Of course he prefers to play greyhound games, especially chase and be chased.

I have not yet exposed Mac to smaller animals. I will try to do this soon. My guess is that he will not be safe with cats as he has quite a prey drive. My guess is that he is good with kids, but I he hasn’t met any children either.

I believe Mac was quite spoiled in the prison training program. When he came to me he would whine whenever he wanted something, which was about every minute of the day. I have worked with him about this and he now realizes that whining will not gain him anything, except a trip outdoors if it has been a while. He still whines a bit when I put him in a crate to sleep at night. He eventually settles down. If I don’t crate him at night, he is just fine. He doesn’t get into anything, doesn’t whine and just sleeps on his bed.

I am home most of the time, but I put him in a crate when I leave the house. He does not do any damage to himself or the crate, but I believe he barks quite a bit when I am gone. I will start working on alone training soon. I am not sure if he has some separation anxiety or just objects to being in a crate.

Mac loves to be hugged and kissed. He just absolutely loves people. He has no food aggression, space aggression or sleep aggression. He would like to get up on the furniture like his foster sister, but listens well when I tell him no. Mac loves playing with toys, especially squeaky stuffed animals. He was a little unsure of my tile floors at first, but has no problems now. He is fine going up and down steps.

Mac does receive medication for seizures. With this medication, he has not had a seizure in over a year. The cost for the medication is about $10 per month if you shop around.

More about Mighty Mac “Mac”

Date of Birth:
October 2, 2006
11 years 6 months
Trained At:
Ohio Reformatory for Women
67 pounds
Current Location:
Prey Drive:
5 (Unsafe - goes in to a stalking mode; fixated on cat and cannot be distracted; usually unsafe for small dogs as well)

Photos of Mighty Mac “Mac”

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