Kiowa Pike Place “Dakota”

Meet Kiowa Pike Place “Dakota”! She is a Fawn Female and is 4 years 4 months old. She is located at a Cleveland Foster.

Dakota is a friendly, confident fawn female with adorably expressive ears looking for a family to call her own.

Dakota is a friendly, confident fawn female with adorably expressive ears looking for a family to call her own.  In her foster home, she is eager to go for walks, she happily rides in a car and she has a knack for making any space a good place for a nap – including a dog bed, a blanket, the carpet or the kitchen floor!   When she isn’t napping, she loves being outside including doing zoomies in the backyard, playing with stuffies and chewing on nylabones.  She is affectionate, but not overly so, with men, women and older children.  She’d prefer to keep any eye on you while napping instead of following you around the house.   

Dakota has taken the alpha role living with our two resident dogs.   She seems to be overly stimulated by smaller creatures; so a home without cats and small dogs might be necessary.   She loves all food and happily finishes the resident dogs’ food if there is any leftovers in their bowls.  She can get crabby if you remove food before she is done.  She does have some tummy sensitivities so her treats have been limited to dry kibble or Kirkland biscuits.  

She barks when she is excited including when she thinks you might be taking her on a walk or when you arrive home from work. 

Dakota has been kenneled for up to 8 hours on a weekday and settles fairly quickly in her crate.  She has free range of the house during evenings and weekends, preferring to stay on the first floor and sleeping on her dog bed. She has had a few instances of sleep startle which can be avoided by ensuring she is awake prior to petting her. 

More about Kiowa Pike Place “Dakota”

Date of Birth:
October 23, 2013
4 years 4 months
Trained At:
Ohio Reformatory for Women
65 pounds
Current Location:
Available at Cleveland Foster
Prey Drive:
3 (Interested - chases or seeks cat in a playful way; usually no interest in small dogs)

Photos of Kiowa Pike Place “Dakota”

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