Kiowa Tara TLC ” TLC” (Adopted)

Meet Kiowa Tara TLC ” TLC”! He is a Male and is 7 years 5 months old. He has been adopted!

You should know that I’m big. And strong. My foster person calls me her Big Dude.
I like squirrels a lot (My person says that I like them too much, but I don’t think that’s possible).
I also like soft dogs beds and ear scratches and belly rubs and butt scratches.

But I really, really don’t like having my toenails cut. I don’t care what my foster people say, Pupperoni does not make up for the terror of the shiny clippy-thingy.

But I really like people. All people. Even little people who poke me or get in my face or hug my neck.

I like stuffies, especially squeaky ones, and sometimes, I like to show my people how happy I am and how much I like them by giving them a love nip. They make the funniest sounds when I do that!

The thing I like the most about retirement is the car rides. I’ll push my people aside so I can charge into the garage, run in circles and leap at the car. When they open the door, I leap in. Then I hang my  head out the window so I can see all the sights and smell all the smells. When I get tired of that, I’ll look out the front windshield over my people’s shoulders to make sure they don’t get lost.

Finally, my person wanted me to tell you that I am well mannered and never have an accident in the house. Whatever that means.

More about Kiowa Tara TLC ” TLC”

Date of Birth:
October 1, 2010
7 years 5 months
Trained At:
Ohio Reformatory for Women
70 pounds
Current Location:
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