Kelsos Bearoshea “Bear”

Meet Kelsos Bearoshea “Bear”! He is a Black Male and is 2 years 9 months old. He is located at the North Central Correctional Complex.

Bear is such a loving boy.  He loves his trainer at the prison and listens to anything that he says.  He is a very loyal dog.  He loves to meet everyone and is very social.  When he met the cat he stiffed it and went to his cage.  He was quite scared of the cat.  He knows his commands very well and loves his crate.  

More about Kelsos Bearoshea “Bear”

Date of Birth:
June 13, 2015
2 years 9 months
Trained At:
North Central Correctional Complex
70 pounds
Current Location:
Available at North Central Correctional Complex
Prey Drive:
1 (Tolerant - sniffs cat & walks away)
West Virginia

Photos of Kelsos Bearoshea “Bear”

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