Kansas Torino “Torino” (Adopted)

Meet Kansas Torino “Torino”! He is a Red Fawn Male and is 9 years 9 months old. He has been adopted!

Torino is a 5 yea old big boy. He has a lot of personalitly. Please read more about me.

Torino is in a foster home and is doing great.  He and our other greyhound run in the yard together and lay side by side on their pillows.  He loves to be near us and will follow us around the house.  Although he will not bark he is somewhat of a watchdog.  When he sees someone in the yard he will start whining until you look and see who;s there. He plays with his basketball in the yard and loves to chase squirrels.  He will lay at the door watching them and then when he is let out he chases them up the tress and barks.  We are trying to discourage the barking.  He loves to give kisses and loves to be rubbed.  He will dance wen you give him rump rubs.

He sleeps by our bed at night but us crate trained and stays in a crate when we go away.  Reno is a very good dog and energetic.  So far he has done very well on a leash.

He doesn’t like other animals in near his food and he will growl if one gets near him.  But he doesn’t mind at all if people mess with it. Reno has sleep startle so if he is sleeping you need to wake him before you touch him or he may growl at you.

More about Kansas Torino “Torino”

Date of Birth:
June 1, 2008
9 years 9 months
Trained At:
Ohio Reformatory for Women
75 pounds
Red Fawn
Current Location:
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