Fuzz Face Pleskley

01/01/2008 - 12/25/2017

Pleskey was so full of life, even up to the day she died. She loved to run, loved to play. Her favorite toy was a giant stuffed caterpillar that was as long as she was. She would throw it up in the air and run 360’s around the living room with it, which always made us laugh. Pleskey had a slight obscession with squirrels and bunny rabbits, actually caught a rabbit once, then didn’t know what to do with it. Sadly and hilariously, the bunny won the “fight,” and Pleskey required a vet visit and some stitches. Her father was so embarrassed, lol. Pleskey loved her humans! We took her everywhere with us. We frequented parks, trails, and paths. She loved to walk and run. One of her favorite things was to run alongside her daddy while he rollerbladed. Pleskey had three very good Greyhound buddies who lived close so often got to spend time with them; Ithica, Righty, & Boondoc, but Pleskey ever missed her mate, our beloved Mac since he passed on from the same horrible disease two yrs ago this February. We pray she is running along side him on the rainbow bridge. 

We are devastated! I miss my sweet girl more than words could possibly say. I do not think I will ever be whole again. “This isn’t goodbye…It is simply, until we meet again.” Wait for me at the Rainbow Bridge with Mac. I love you my beautiful Girl. 

The Desrochers Family

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Date of Birth:
January 1, 2008
Date of Death:
December 25, 2017
9 years 11 months

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