Fuzz Face Arby

08/14/2006 - 04/15/2017

My sweet, gentle Arby. How I dreaded the day when I would have to say goodbye and hear the words, “Rainbow Bridge” in conjunction with your name. What can I possibly write that would sum up all you have meant to me over the past decade? You lived up to your “zero” on the prey drive with your sweet, friendly soul, but you were 100% to me. You truly never met a dog you didn’t like, and you grew so much braver as you learned to trust how much we loved you. But you always put others needs first, even to the end. Your face and those nose snuffles when I rubbed your ears, always asking for more, and the way you took joy in snow flakes and jumped with happiness for “W.A.L.K.S” as you tried to take your little stuffed dog along with you.That crazy long tail and the big circles it made when you saw your girlfriend through the fence. You were truly an ambassador for greyhound rescue as you showed our neighborhood how perfect you were as our sweet tiger boy. How much you were loved and are missed is unfathomable, but I am so grateful that you graced my life and blessed me with how much you taught me about unconditional love and joy in the simple things. Run free, my sweetheart, til we meet again.

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Date of Birth:
August 14, 2006
Date of Death:
April 15, 2017
10 years 8 months

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