Donavan (Adopted)

Meet Donavan! He is a Black Male and is 9 years 9 months old. He has been adopted!

Donavan is a large boy that is looking for his forever home. Would do well with other greys.

Donavan came to us from a group in Michigan. He is an AKC greyhound. This is not the typical dog that we usually get. You will notice that he looks different than the racing greyhounds. He is a very large male. He weights about 95#. He was living with a cat but at times seems a little too interested in the cats that he has met. He is crating very well in prison Please fill out an application if you are interested in this large boy.

More about Donavan

Date of Birth:
June 1, 2008
9 years 9 months
Trained At:
Ohio Reformatory for Women
110 pounds
Current Location:
Prey Drive:
3 (Interested - chases or seeks cat in a playful way; usually no interest in small dogs)

Photos of Donavan

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