“Chris” Cox (Adopted)

Meet “Chris” Cox! He is a Black Male and is 4 years old. He has been adopted!

He loves to snuggle.

Chris is very quiet and affectionate, and likes to snuggle.  He’s a little clumsy and goofy, so watching him run in the back yard is a treat.  He gets along with his foster brother and sister (a greyhound and a non-greyhound).  He has also been around small dogs and he hasn’t shown any aggression towards them, but is much too interested in cats.  He crates well and probably could do well as an only dog or part of a pack.  He is fascinated by cars, loves to go for rides, and is a very good passenger.  He will make a great family pet when he finds his forever home.

More about “Chris” Cox

Date of Birth:
March 16, 2014
4 years
Trained At:
Ohio Reformatory for Women
Current Location:
Prey Drive:
5 (Unsafe - goes in to a stalking mode; fixated on cat and cannot be distracted; usually unsafe for small dogs as well)

Photos of “Chris” Cox

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