12/03/2006 - 05/08/2017

Chmatta was more than a dog. He was an uncommon soul. He left very suddenly and far too soon. But, he never faced a day of pain or suffering. He started every day with incredible enthusiasm. He just couldn’t wait to get his doggie day started. Every adventure (walk) or treat was a reason for him to celebrate with his signature vertical leap. His happiest place was by your side where he could accept all of the love, affection and petting that you had to give. There was never enough petting. He is preceded in death by his Beagle buddy, Bebe, and leaves behind his Greyhound cousin, Roxie. Chmatta was one of the great ones. He will be missed dearly.

More about Chmatta

Date of Birth:
December 3, 2006
Date of Death:
May 8, 2017
10 years 5 months
76 pounds
Dark Brindle

Photos of Chmatta

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