It might take just one slip on the hardwood or tiled floor and suddenly your Greyhound is afraid to walk on smooth floor surfaces.  If you have little carpet in your home or enjoying taking your Grey on adventures to the local pet store, this could pose a serious problem.

One solution that I have witnessed to work very well is a simple bootie.  There are many varieties but if you don’t find some designed and fitted especially for Greyhounds you might find that they do not stay on their narrow feet.  A disposable version made of what feels like a heavy balloon material are both economical and easy to put on.   You should be able to find them in pretty much any pet store but more specifically I found them at PetSmart.

When a greyhound slips on the smooth floor, he or she will attempt to grab on with their claws.  This only makes the problem worse.  The booties will give them a sense of security and over time may even give them the confidence they need to walk on smooth floors unassisted.

It can be a hazard for a Greyhound to slip and slide with his or her legs going in different directions and may cause injury.   And although they may look ridiculous, any injury is no laughing matter.   Try this potential solution if your Greyhound or other dog is afraid of hard floors.  You may be surprised at how well it works while giving your Grey a lot less to stress about.