Today was the 3rd Annual Byers Airport Subaru Pet Adoption Event.  If you were there you know it was HOT!

The folks at Byers were gracious enough to put us inside the showroom area so the Greyhounds could enjoy some nice shade and a cool floor.  Technically, we were still outside with the large bay doors fully open so that made it extra nice.

DKC Toyota made is debut today at the Byers hosted event.  His name stirred up some amusing conversation considering we were at the Subaru dealership.  He was the center of attention for much of the time with almost more head rubs and ears scratches than he could handle. Oh What a Feeling!

We have other events coming up next weekend in Columbus, Dayton and Cleveland areas.  Keep in mind that your attendance with your Greyhound helps more than you might know.  A crowd of Greyhounds is the starting point for many of the conversations that have led to placing quite a few of these amazing dogs.  So, mark you calendar and bring your Greyhounds out to see us.

For all of our upcoming events, visit our full calendar of events.  If you have questions or suggestions for an event, contact us.