Foster a Greyhound

Thank you for your interest in wanting to help with our foster program. Why do we like to have foster dogs in homes before getting adopted? Fostering is a way to help a Greyhound get adjusted. For a retired racer, this is a whole new world. They know nothing about stairs, glass doors, slippery floors, sleeping on nice soft beds..  well, you get the idea.

We need you.  The Greyhounds need you.

When you choose to participate in the Team Greyhound Foster Program, you are saying you want to help this dog learn about the wonderful new life he is about to experience. You have chosen to take on the task of working with the dog through any and all issues that might surface. That means that as a foster, you have chosen to deal with the challenge of cleaning up accidents, teaching the dog not to chew, how to go up and down stairs, how to get along with other pets, cats and children, when to play and when to sleep, how to deal with being left alone, and many other issues.

It can sometimes be frustrating. It can also be difficult to let go of the hound when it is his time to be adopted. If it weren’t hard then you should not even consider fostering.

Be prepared for some pain.

Be prepared for some frustrations. But also be prepared to feel the best feeling ever. There is nothing like seeing your dog and his new owner a month, a year, 3 years later and the love and happiness between them. You know that you helped make that happen. By taking on the hard work, you made it an easier adjustment for the dog and the new owner. You helped insure the long lasting permanent relationship. You helped to keep the dog from a possible bounce back.

What does Team Greyhound supply?

When you foster a dog with Team Greyhound, we will supply the following items while the dog is in your care. Some families choose to supply their own food. If you choose to supply the food or any other items for the dog it can be considered a tax write off to a charitable organization providing you keep receipts and proper documentation.

TGA Provides For Our Fosters:

  • All Food
  • Leash/collar
  • Crate
  • Belly Band (if needed)
  • Preventative Heartgard Plus and Frontline
  • All Veterinary Care

Would you like to help us get these lucky greyhounds ready for their forever homes? Team Greyhound is always in need of foster homes. For more information, please call your area representative or fill out the online foster application.

Please note: TGA has wormed each greyhound for the most common internal parasites. However, you must keep your own pets up to date on their own veterinary care to prevent transmission of any potential present parasite.

Apply Online Today

Thank you for your interest in adopting or fostering a retired racer.  Applications through Team Greyhound are currently being accepted in the following locations: Central Ohio, Cleveland Area and Dayton Area.