Belle Starr got a good sniff of everything at the vet’s office today where she got a clean bill of health after being lost for nearly 5 days.

She was spotted earlier today eating cat food in a yard then returned later. The home owner was able to capture her with little effort. He described her as being very sweet and was able to immediately take her in. Wendy, Team Greyhound’s President,  received the good news and with no time to spare headed up Interstate 71 north toward Mansfield.  They agreed to meet at about the halfway point between Columbus and Mansfield where Belle Starr was moved from one vehicle to another then continued her journey to Riverside Drive Animal Care Center in Dublin, Ohio. Dr. Brian Gorby, DVM gave her a clean bill of health. Despite a couple of minor lacerations on her feet, she looks amazing!

From the location from which she escaped to her first sighting she had traveled about 6 miles. She then traveled another 10 or so miles to the final destination at which she was captured.  For never having raced on the track, she sure did put in some mileage.  Where she thought she was heading or what she thought she might find when she got there can be left to mere speculation and remain her secret.

The Facebook post had nearly 10,000 views.  Belle Star broke social media records for the past several days. In addition to those within the Team Greyhound organization, people from all over were out looking for our sweet girl after the reports of sightings.  We cannot thank everyone enough for the self-sacrificing efforts and love poured into bringing her back to us.

Belle Starr is going to sit tight for a few days for observation and some much needed downtime.  As early as this weekend she will be heading up to Cleveland to be fostered with the possibility of adoption  by the same family that adopted her best friend and sister.

As the saying goes, all’s well that ends well.