Belle Starr has been reunited with her sister, Pearl Hart.  After escaping from her Shelby, Ohio foster on July 1st and evading the search parties for nearly 5 days, she was finally captured sneaking into a Mansfield area resident’s cat food stash behind his home.  Belle Starr didn’t put up any fuss and was soon returned to Riverside Drive Animal Care Center in Dublin, Ohio where Dr. Brian Gorby, DVM gave her a clean bill of health.

Pearl was very excited to see Belle. She ran around in circles and play bowed. Belle was a little overwhelmed with Pearl’s exuberance but looked like she was comfortable in the situation.

– Wendy Simon of Team Greyhound

According to her trainers at the Prison, she and her sister were best buds.  We cannot even begin to express how excited we are that she may soon be adopted and live out her days with a loving family and her sister.

This entire ordeal was a great source of stress and heartache for the Team Greyhound organization as well as many Facebookers.  Belle Starr captured the attention of nearly 15,000 people on social media.  We have decided to celebrate her safe return by featuring her as our July 2017 Greyhound in the 2017 Team Greyhound Calendar.  We think it will be a nice reminder of how she brought in July of this year when we flip the month to July and see her beautiful face looking back at us one year from now.

A friend of Team Greyhound and photographer took some pictures for us and we have a problem: WE LOVE THEM ALL!

So, we need your participation in selecting a favorite of her to use as our July 2017 Greyhound in the 2017 Team Greyhound Calendar.  We have posted 5 pictures to choose from and your vote will be the deciding factor.

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As an all Volunteer organization, we have no paid help and rely solely on volunteers and donations to cover expenses in the placement of the greyhounds.  In the case of Belle Starr, this extends to the cost and time to search for her and ultimately bring her home.  We are very grateful for you and the communities of Shelby and Mansfield.

100% of all donations go towards our efforts to find loving homes for retired racers.  If you would like to give a modest monetary donation please click here.