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Owning a Greyhound is like a big social event. Team Greyhound has monthly or weekly meet and greets, annual picnics and other events where you may participate with your Greyhound. Also, when you walk your Greyhound in public places be prepared to answer questions and get extra attention. It’s surprising how many people recognize the breed and will tell you how awesome your dog is.

Meet the Greyhounds

So, you are thinking about adopting a greyhound?  Have a look at our Introduction to Greyhounds page to find lots of information to help prepare you for the decision.  You can learn about the History of Greyhounds, Food, Training, Veterinarian Care and find answers to Commonly Asked Questions.  If you cannot find the greyhound information you need on our website, you may submit your question on our FAQ page.


These Greyhounds are Available for Adoption

To browse all of the available dogs at Team Greyhound, click here.  We have many to choose from, each with their own personality and all of them beautiful.  Use the “Add to Favorites” feature so you’ll have the names of the Greyhounds you like when you submit your adoption application.

Learn More About Greyhounds

We’ve adopted out nearly 1900 Greyhounds since 1999 and have no plans to stop any time soon..  We do this because these dogs are simply incredible. There is a lot to know about the Greyhound breed of dog.  They have an interesting history that dates back to ancient times and is the only breed of dog mentioned by name in the Bible.

Adoptions as of April 2016

Why adopt a Greyhound?

For starters, THEY ARE AWESOME!  They are clean, do not require much exercise and very rarely bark. People will likely stop you on the street when walking your Greyhound. But they only get one guess.  ITS A GREYHOUND!

What are the Adoption Fees?

Most of our Greyhounds will be what we refer to as a “Standard Adoption”.  The dogs have all been Spayed or neutered, Vaccinated and Micro-chipped.  They’ve also had a variety of other vet checks including test for intestinal parasites and are on heart-worm prevention medication.  For more information on what to expect, head over here for a more detailed description.

The adoption fee is $300.

We don’t often have senior dogs, but when we do we work with the same determination as we do with our other dogs to find them loving homes.  Each one of them is very special.  The seniors have had the same treatments and vetting as our other dogs.   For more information on what to expect, head over here for a more detailed description.

The adoption fee is $225.

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Thank you for your interest in adopting or fostering a retired racer.  Applications through Team Greyhound are currently being accepted in the following locations: Central Ohio, Cleveland Area and Dayton Area.

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